The target in dreamworld level 65 is to clear all the jelly. The number of moves available are 40. This is the last level in candy crush dreamworld episodes. To get 3 star score you must get 300k points. The complexity of this level is medium as moonstruck helps immensely in clearing the dreamworld level 65;


Key features in level 65


There are two type of candies, the locked candy and the chocolate jelly. As you know, every time you play a move outside to the chocolate jelly, new jelly block is added. Now, this is really frustrating, so always try to match the candies with the chocolate candy in dreamworld level 65.

Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld Level 65 Tips, Help,Cheats, Strategy:

  • Start from the bottom and match the candies with chocolate and locked candies.
  • Balance the odus effectively, without wasting moves.

Dreamworld Level 65

Strategy to candy crush dreamworld level 65: 

  • Moonstruck will make it easy to win this level, so get it ASAP.
  • Colour bomb, chocolate candy and stripped candies are very effective in getting the 3 star score.
  • Watch the video below to check how I scored 3 stars in dreamworld 65.

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